Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sky TV – A launch pad for ITV HD channels

ITV has announced its decision to launch a couple of channels through Sky+HD’s subscription package come October 2010. With ambitious plans of launching ITV2 HD, ITV3 HD, and ITV4 HD, ITV aspires to increase its viewership in a big way.

Beginning with the start of The Xtra Factor, which will mark the launch of ITV2 HD in October followed by ITV 3 HD and ITV 4 HD in the coming months, ITV will mark its foray into pay television through Sky.

Presently, ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4 are extremely successful digital channels and by further introducing them on High Definition platform, ITV aspires to reach out to more viewers.

ITV aims at increasing its revenue channels by offering its programmes and content across many platform under its ITV Transformation Plan as announced by Adam Crozier, chief executive of ITV plc.

This strategy has been worked out after in depth study of the progress of pay television over the past decade. This current marketing strategy can be viewed as an exercise in checking out how successful can a be subscription based channel programme can be implemented along with a set of free to air channels.

On the other hand, ITV is said to be bouncing back to better financial positions as it has accounted a pre-tax profit figure of £97 million for the six months to June 30 2010. The hosting of the World Cup could have help it to recover considerably.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sky Multiroom makes Sky Channels Viewing on Multiple TV Sets Possible

Worried about multiple TV sets in your home and watching your favorite channels on all of them? Sky Multiroom makes this possible or you. With this service Sky TV Customers can watch the channels they want to in multiple TV sets in their homes by paying minimal charges.

The Sky Multiroom service subscribers can watch all the channels that are included in their entertainment package. Viewers can choose to add more to the existing package by paying the applicable charges and enjoy high quality TV viewing in every TV set in their home. The service makes sure that people enjoy watching content without any disruptions. People can watch different channels in 2 or more different TV sets and they would never have to compromise on picture quality. Same channels can also be watched simultaneously on two different TV sets without any hassles.

Sky Multiroom is of high capacity and enables the Sky TV satellite dish to support multiple set top boxes in a single household. So people having more than 2 TV sets can also benefit from it. In total Sky Satellite dish can support 8 standard sky boxes, 4 Sky+HD boxes and 1 Sky+HD with 6 standard Sky digital boxes.

With Sky Multiroom all the households can experience crystal clear quality TV viewing without any disturbance. It is an easy and smart choice and gives the watchers a lot of variety and benefits. It is also an affordable option and the worth the price paid. Choosing Sky Multiroom is a great option to make every Television set in a household a truly entertaining device.

Sky HD offers free Sky HD Box for new Sky TV customers joining Sky+HD with Sky Movies for Year, £30 Standard set up.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

HD price reduction proven profitable

Sky TV has a number of popular packages and schemes for digital TV, among these schemes the Sky HD is one of the most popular. Sky has many subscribers who are quite satisfied with HD but still the percentage of people buying this package was less.

Finally Sky decided to decrease its rates so that people get impressed by its excellent features and not get too tensed by looking at its price. After they lowered the rates they found out that it has proven very profitable and they saw largest increase in customers till date for its high definition TV service.

When they announced that customers who will subscribe for the HD package will get the HD box for free, they saw an increase of 300,000 in the number of subscribers. The new customers can now get £25 in M&S vouchers and free standard installation if they will choose the new sky channel package which includes Sky HD channels.

Buying Sky HD will prove to be a very profitable option for you as this package offers over 14,000 hours of HD programming for a month across 37 HD channels. The customers will also be able to record and store 30 HD hours of their favourite television shows.

Sky HD Box gives you ultimate HD experience. You can watch movies, sports TV series etc in five times better HD images. Also, you can get the best in home entertainment by upgrading from Sky Plus HD to Sky 3D for 3D experience.

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Irish and UK governments agree digital TV deal

The Irish and UK governments have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to ensure a smooth digital TV switchover takes place in Northern Ireland. This MoU is an important step towards ensuring a smooth transition to digital switchover and that BBC services will continue to be available in Ireland and Irish services continue to be available in Northern Ireland.

As per the deal, once the planned Digital TV switchover comes into force, RTÉ TELEVISION channels and TG4 will be freely available throughout all of Northern Ireland from 2012.

The Irish Government is acutely aware of the huge cultural importance of RTÉ and TG4 for so many people in all parts of Northern Ireland and the agreement has provided for an all-island approach to the development of digital television services in Ireland.

Earlier the homeowners in the Scottish town of Aberdeen are being urged to attend meetings about the digital TV switchover, which is set to begin in the area in September. The digital TV switchover is really on the move!

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Virgin Media to launch Eurosport HD

Digital TV provider Virgin Media has agreed a deal to introduce Eurosport HD to its broadcast platform from the start of April. The fiber optic broadband provider has announced that the new channel will offer coverage of events including the Tour de France, French Open tennis and the World Touring Car Championships. The HD sports channel will become Virgin Media's eighth high-definition channel and it will be available for no extra cost to customers taking Virgin Media's XL TV package.

With the arrival of Eurosport HD one can expect the launch of several other HD channels on Virgin Media in the coming months.

The combination of HD channels and TV on-demand service from Virgin TV gives its customers a real value for money as they are offered a huge range of HD programming with flexibility to enjoy HD content as per their convenience.

Earlier this week, Virgin Media confirmed plans to offer subscribers free phone to mobile calls from the start of April.

Digital TV switchover is really catching up pace and the Virgin TV is without doubt one of the most gripping TV offer on the market!

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